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Mineral Wool

Attaching great importance to the quality characteristics of the product offered to the Armenian consumer, Gepo Taniq decided to cooperate with the Russian brand ISOROC, which presented the results of all possible laboratory tests proving the high quality of its product and compliance with international standards.

ISOROC stone wool for thermal insulation, which is a kind of mineral wool, has many advantages. For the production of mineral wool, basalt rocks are used, which are first melted at a temperature of 15000C, then the resulting mass is centrifuged and turned into fiber. This fiber is then treated with binders and water-resistance additives.

From this technology it follows that stone wool does not burn, but only melts from high temperatures. It also turned out that it is an environmentally friendly heat insulator.

The next important feature is its water resistance, which eliminates the occurrence of mold and fungi.

ISOROC stone wool can be used as a sound insulator.

Density33 kg/m3
Plate length1000 mm
Plate width600 mm
Plate thickness5, 10 cm
Coefficient of thermal conductivity0,036 - 0,040 W/(m.K)
1 box contains5,76 m2
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